My Wedding Cake

I bake my wedding cake the day before
    We say our marriage vows. Our daughters stir
The batter, oil the pans, and help me pour
    Red velvet into them. We slide the racks
In place, preheat the oven, open door,
    And smile into the warmth. So life begins,
As two souls join together, making more.

Magic ensues: the kitchen overflows
    With sweet aroma. Soon a timer chimes
And toothpick tests confirm what the nose knows.
    On wire grids the layers cool, and meanwhile
With sugar, butter, cream cheese we compose
    The icing. Then assemble, frost, and crown —
Our sons provide the groom and bride, Legos!

How can this mere confection symbolize
    The central celebration of the World,
The axis around which revolve our lives?
    Two people become one; two hearts unite.
We lift each other up, and as we rise
    Converge upon the holy. God's great gift
Is love, and matrimony is the prize.

We say, "I do." — We kiss. — We hug. — We take —
One breath, and then we share the perfect cake.

(for G+S+s+N+g+n!) - ^z - 2020-04-19