Optimism Apps

A dear friend sends a link to "Optimism Apps", little programs that help track one's subjective-emotional state in various dimensions over time and correlate that with sleep, diet, exercise, meditation, therapy, medication, and diverse other parameters. Fascinating — and even more so when the words "self improvement" pop up in the FAQs:

The Optimism apps were originally developed as electronic mood charts. Mood charts have long been recommended by psychiatrists and therapists, for their clients to use in monitoring their mental health. Traditionally they have been used by people with a mood disorder, like depression and bipolar disorder.

Our experience is that Optimism is used much more widely. The second most common use is for self-help or self improvement. They are also commonly used for PTSD and other anxiety disorders, ADHD, and a range of physical illnesses.

... and as a self-improvement junkie I must start experimenting! The idea of self-monitoring also brings to mind elements of a couple of classic science-fiction stories that have rattled around inside the old noggin for decades now:

... different spins on the notion of making self-awareness explicit.

(cf. Rereading Cordwainer Smith (2012-06-16), ...) - ^z - 2013-07-25