Osho Zen Tarot Equivalents

Tarot cards can be fun and artistic — and as a character in Samuel Delany's classic sf novel Nova says, they can also provide an out-of-the-box input to better thinking about a situation. "Osho", aka "Rajneesh" (1931-1990), was an Indian guru/philosopher, and a nontraditional tarot deck called the "Osho Zen Tarot" is associated with him.

The Osho cards are, however, rather different from the "classic" system. Various conversions and translations exist. From kathryn.mnsi.net, with links to descriptions and images:

#Standard Osho Minor Arcana
0The Fool The FoolWater (Cups)Clouds (Swords)Fire (Wands)Rainbows (Pentacles)
1The Magician ExistenceAce Going with the FlowConsciousnessThe SourceMaturity
2The High Priestess Inner VoiceTwo FriendlinessSchizophreniaPossibilitiesMoment to Moment
3The Empress CreativityThree CelebrationIce-olationExperiencingGuidance
4The Emperor RebelFour Turning InPostponementParticipationThe Miser
5The Hierophant No-ThingnessFive Clinging to the PastComparisonTotalityThe Outsider
6The Lovers The LoversSix The DreamThe BurdenSuccessCompromise
7The Chariot AwarenessSeven ProjectionsPoliticsStressPatience
8Strength CourageEight Letting GoGuiltTravelingOrdinariness
9The Hermit AlonenessNine LazinessSorrowExhaustionRipeness
10Wheel of Fortune ChangeTen HarmonyRebirthSuppressionWe Are the World
11Justice BreakthroughPage UnderstandingMindPlayfulnessAdventure
12The Hanged Man New VisionKnight TrustFightingIntensitySlowing Down
13Death TransformationQueen ReceptivityMoralitySharingFlowering
14Temperance IntegrationKing HealingControlThe CreatorAbundance
15The Devil Conditioning
16The Tower Thunderbolt
17The Star Silence
18The Sun Past Lives
19The Moon Innocence
20Judgement Beyond Illusion
21The World The Universe
The Master

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