Upside Surprises

Thomas Friedman in a New York Times op-ed column last month offers a positive, optimistic strategy for the future:

... I've got good news. We can recover, provided that we all – politicians, media, activists – focus on doing what [the previous President] never could: surprising each other on the upside.

Upside surprises are a hugely underrated force in politics and diplomacy. They are what break bonds of pessimism and push out the boundaries of what we think possible. They remind us that the future is not our fate, but a choice – to let the past bury the future or the future bury the past.

... and making that choice – to be kind – is what counts!

(cf Tough-Minded Optimists (2009-12-22), Power of Optimism (2016-02-23), Trustworthy, Helpful, Fair (2020-11-12), ...) - ^z - 2021-02-22