Work vs. Personal Freedom

Recently running buddy Rebecca Rosenberg and I have both been "between jobs". It's a spooky feeling — especially for a workaholic, especially for someone who loves what s/he does and has scarcely taken any time off for many years. But on the other hand, there's the fresh air of liberty and the chance to be irresponsible in new dimensions. It brings to mind an exchange between the two feckless protagonists of the underappreciated movie Tremors, Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon, as they muse upon the frustrations of their work and the possibility of doing something different with their lives:

I ask you, is this a job for intelligent men?
     Show me one. I'll ask him.
If we were serious about money, we'd quit being hired hands.
     Handymen, Earl. We are handymen.
We should quit this job and find ourselves some real employment.
     Are you going to give up all this personal freedom?
I don't know.

(cf. WhateverYouWant (2007-02-26), Retirement News (2011-08-18), ...) - ^z - 2011-09-12