ZhurnalyWiki Anti-Spam Experiment

Spammers seem to be showing up again and leaving garbage on ZhurnalyWiki pages. The Oddmuse wiki engine's QuestionAsker extension, which I've been using for the past few years, blocks many troublemakers but at the cost of inconveniencing nice people by forcing them to answer silly questions. So a new experiment: using Oddmuse's Page Locking mechanism, from now on everybody will be able to add comments on "Comment on ..." pages, but only those with Editor passwords (or Admin passwords) will be able to edit pages. (If you want to be an editor, just ask! Post a comment requesting privileges, or drop an email to z (at) his (dot) com or any of my other addresses. Tell me what editor password you want, or let me send you one of my choice.)

To summarize the changes to ZhurnalyWiki:

See Spam Patrol for quick and easy instructions on how to get rid of trash yourself; see Oddmuse documentation pages Passwords and Page Locking for details of the $EditPass and $EditAllowed parameters.

^z - 2012-05-23