Systems Thinking is a powerful means of explicating, sharing, challenging, and updating mental models about how the world works. By prompting both analysis and synthesis of system variables and effects, systems thinking helps to challenge cognitive biases, expose deeply-held assumptions, stimulate new ideas about alternative models, and inspire imaginative thinking about indicators of systemic change. In other words, systems thinking augments all stages of critical thinking, whether you are baselining how the system works, trying to detect changes in a system, or identifying alternative views of the system itself.

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What is Loopy2?

Loopy is a simple yet elegant tool for the rapid application of systems thinking. It is designed to provide a quick and easy way to externalize mental models and simulate system dynamics, using open-source JavaScript libraries. Many thanks to Nicky Case, who created the original Loopy, upon which Loopy2 is based.

When Should I Use Loopy2?

Loopy is useful for problems that involve multiple, interacting variables. Use Loopy to:

  • Capture multiple driving factors–variables–and their behaviors
  • Clarify or challenge an existing model
  • Compare models to each other or to known patterns of behavior
  • Create alternative models and system dynamics
  • Collaborate with others to better understand a system.

Why Should I Use Loopy2?

Loopy helps us to think more critically by providing tools to examine and share mental models. Mental models are a central part of human understanding and reasoning, and the effects of unexamined mental models can be disastrous. Loopy helps us create, simulate, update, and share more effectively.

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