2007-09-17 - Artemesia Dusk


~3.5 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Monday evening at the University I've got some time before my daughter's rehearsal ends, so I park on the east side of campus and commence running from Paint Branch Trail milepost 1.5, behind the A. V. Williams engineering building. As the sun sets and a crescent moon shins near Jupiter in the southern sky I trot briskly downstream, covering the first mile in 8:27. As I enter the woods near US Route 1 a pair of small deer gaze at me in contempt, then stroll away into the dark woods. At Lake Artemesia I blitz the 1.35 mile loop in 12:37 (~9:21 min/mi), my heart pounding like a rabbit and the afterimage-like blobs of OcularMigraines glowing in my visual field. My final mile back is an 8:51. Whee!

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