2019-04-21 - You Are Loved

^z 24th April 2023 at 7:37am

~20.1 mi @ ~14.2 min/mi

"You must love your self. Then things will begin to get better." Slow-Twitch shares words of great wisdom from an online health forum. Weight, blood pressure, cholesterol? Just numbers. Self-care is crucial. So is helping friends, and widening the circle of concern. At mile ~17 a sidewalk stencil reminds: "U R ❤️'d". Easter blessings to all, today and every day!

"Swordfish!" G-ji shares a recipe for a delicious meal as she and Roadkill meet in Ken-Gar and jog upstream along Rock Creek. Multiple mini-packs of cute dogs are out for strolls on leashes. During our return along the Matthew Henson Trail we spy three pencils, a pen, and a pair of chocolate candies on the ground. Roadkill dives and snags them, his only fuel of the day. A mile later we're delighted to meet Slow-Twitch and join forces for bonus miles. Cherry blossoms puddle in the streets. On the solo homeward trek Roadkill pauses to admire the Ernest Park eagle, sakura trees blooming in the background. Bunny count = 1, in a Kensington front yard.

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