Art of Making Memories

^z 17th January 2024 at 8:52pm

The Art of Making Memories (2019) by Meik Wiking feels thin despite its thickness (288 pages, but small format and lots of pictures). Its advice is reasonable, and is summarized in the chapter titles and the two page cartoon "The Memory Manifesto: 8 Ingredients for Happy Memories" on pps 14-15:

  • Harness the power of firsts. Seek out novel experiences and make days extraordinary.
  • Make it multisensory. Go beyond sight. Memories can also have sounds, scents, touch and tastes.
  • Invest attention. Treat your happy moments like you would your date. Pay attention to them!
  • Create meaningful moments. Make meaningful moments memorable moments.
  • Use the emotional highlighter pen. Get the blood flowing.
  • Capture peaks and struggles. Milestones are memorable, but the struggle to reach one is unforgettable.
  • Use stories to stay ahead of the forgetting curve. Share stories.
  • Outsource memory. Write, photograph, record, collect.
Nice enough, but largely obvious. Lots of personal anecdotes from the author's past. Overall, alas, not terribly memorable for a book devoted to making memories!

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