Some felicitous quotes overheard last month:

  • "We're the greatest employer of philosophers in the country, except for McDonalds." - (JdO)
  • "The problem was that they never realized what the real problem was." - (BD)
  • "Security is the intersection of risk and functionality." - (LH)
  • "Let's take the most salubrious model of the U.S. Government: we're all pulling in the same direction." - (JD)
  • "There's a difference between motivation and manipulation — though some managers may not appreciate it."
  • "He admitted to having 2% more ego than he needed to do the job." - (BD)
  • "Get me a 'Yes' lawyer! Get me a 'No' lawyer!" - (JD)
  • "He's a wonderful rudder — he's great at steering an organization, but only after somebody else gets it moving." - (BD*)
  • "The crucial distinction is between choking and panicking" - (AP*)
  • "People need rules to get back to a safe state, the same way satellites do. When things become scary, we need to remember how to hunker down."
  • "Did they make you write this piece of crap, or did you come up with it all by yourself?" - (BL)
  • "The Messiah for an idea can effectively block everyone else from working on it." - (BD)
  • "You can be both perfectly right and perfectlly useless." - (JD*)
  • "The Office of Conventional Wisdom is always open for business." - (WMcK*)
  • "Their problem is that they assume every other country either has an Anglo Saxon culture, or wishes that it did." - (BD*)
  • "We have to empty the barrel of the obvious." - (CD)
  • "That thought makes my hair hurt!" - (AD)

(* = slightly edited by ^z)

Friday, September 01, 2000 at 10:00:38 (EDT) = 2000-09-01

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