Be the Heat


Getting acclimated to running in hot and humid weather is tough for me. Some people tolerate summer stress better than others; I sweat out sodium and potassium, and can lose more than a pound/hour even when I drink as much as I can.

But this year, instead of fighting the warmth and struggling against it, I'm trying a new approach: relaxation, acceptance, and observation of how my body is reacting to conditions. I fancy it's something Zen; at least it's different and seems so far to be less painful. I even have a new mantra for my method, thanks to ironman ultrarunner friend Mary Ewell:

Be the Heat!

(cf. Achieve New Balance (2002-07-17), Be the Change (2003-10-21), Not Care (2006-02-13), ...) - ^z - 2008-06-18

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