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Too much Dungeons & Dragons in one's youth makes for a sometimes-bizarre set of allusions and imagery during conversation. In order to get my kids to assist me in bringing things into the house from the back of the car, for instance, I will occasionally announce:

"Avast, ye scalawags! Thar be a trunk full o' treasure, ready fer the lootin', outside in the driveway. Fetch it in, me hearties, and ye can each claim a share o' the plunder!"

Sometimes this is annoying enough that it incentivizes one or two children to help carry in the groceries or the family laundry. And in the opposite direction, fantasy rôle-playing metaphors can occasionally provoke the formation of a "party of adventurers" to take out the trash or the recycling bin — I mean, "undertake a quest" to "destroy an evil artifact" by removing it to "Mount Doom" ...

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