Build Resilience

^z 27th July 2023 at 5:41am

Suggestions for "How to Build Resilience in Midlife" by Tara Parker-Pope (NYT, 2017-07-25), quoting Adam Grant, Dennis Charney, Steven Southwick, Jack Groppel, and others:

  • Practice Optimism – don't ignore reality, but "acknowledge the challenge in a more hopeful way", think positive thoughts, and "Hang out with optimistic people"
  • Rewrite Your Story – reframe the situation, be a role model for others, and "Observe what you are saying to yourself and question it. It's not easy. It takes practice."
  • Don't Personalize It – "... remind yourself that even if you made a mistake, a number of factors most likely contributed to the problem and shift your focus to the next steps you should take ..." and remember, "Telling yourself that a situation is not personal, pervasive or permanent can be extremely useful."
  • Remember Your Comebacks – try reminding yourself, "I've gone through something worse in the past. This is not the most horrible thing I have ever faced or will ever face. I know I can deal with it."
  • Support Others – "Any way you can reach out and help other people is a way of moving outside of yourself, and this is an important way to enhance your own strength."
  • Take Stress Breaks – "... create regular opportunities for the body to recover from stress – just as you would rest your muscles between weight lifting repetitions. Taking a walk break, spending five minutes to meditate or having lunch with a good friend ..."
  • Go Out of Your Comfort Zone – "... build your resilience by putting yourself in challenging situations ..."

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