Sometimes programmmer-studs get competitive:

"I can do that in 20 lines of C."

"Yeah? Well, I can do it in 5 lines of Perl."

"Hey, I can do it in 2 lines of Haskell!"

But the best win in coding — fewest lines, fastest execution — is to figure out how not to do something at all. (It's the ultimate in "lazy evaluation".)

There's an Extreme Programming (XP) aphorism attributed to Ron Jeffries:

Unless your universe is very different from mine, you can't save time. You can only do less.

The challenge is to figure out what to do less of, e.g.:

less more
newspapers & magazines Shakespeare & Dickens
top-40 & classic rock Bach & Mozart
photo & image browsing Réne Magritte & Ansel Adams
web surfing thinking
sitting running
soda beer

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