Edgeless Sea of Compassion

^z 21st July 2023 at 9:10pm

Near the end of Chapter 8 ("Awakening Compassion for Ourselves") of Tara Brach's Radical Acceptance:

When we understand our pain as an intrinsic gateway to compassion, we begin to awaken from the imprisoning story of a suffering self. In the moments when we tenderly hold our anger, for instance, we cut through our identity as an angry self. The anger no longer feels like a personal flaw or an oppressive burden. We begin to see its universal nature — it's not our anger, it is not our pain. Everyone lives with anger, with fear, with grief.


Understanding that the pain in our life is an expression of universal suffering opens us to the fullness of Radical Acceptance. Rather than being a problem, our depression, fear and anger are "entrusted to us," and can be dedicated to our awakening. When we carry our pain with the kindness of acceptance instead of the bitterness of resistance, our hearts become an edgeless sea of compassion. We, like the Mother of the World, become the compassionate presence that can hold, with tenderness, the rising and passing waves of suffering.

^z - 2015-10-10