As noted here on 15 May 2000 (NorthAmericanTexasHistory & WorldTexasHistory), an archæological dig through boxes in the basement unearthed a cache of letters from fans of my free text information retrieval software (q.v.", the "Free Text Archive"). Belated thanks to several additional correspondents from the 1991-1995 time frame:

  • Russia: Alexander Petrov (Moscow) wrote from the University of Bergen in Norway where he pursued a Ph.D. in parliamentary history; he experimented with Free Text for that research.
  • Japan: Yuji Kadowaki (Tokyo) of International Consultants Corp. found Free Text useful for his writing work.
  • Norway: Herdis Kolle (Bergen) ran Free Text with A. Petrov at the University of Bergen (see above).
  • Denmark: Niels Damgaard (who moved to Svaneke in 1991; he was acknowledged earlier at his Netherlands address) wrote with information about his user group, "Mactivity Scandinavia", and described how it used Free Text.
  • Canada: Peter H. Wood (St. Albert) aimed my generic indexer/browser IR code at the "Macintosh Holmes Companion" for his Sherlock Holmes analyses. Peter Long (Whitehorse, Yukon) applied Free Text to database publishing and library maintenance.
  • USA: Ron Zacharski (University of Minnesota, Computer Information Services) asked about applying Free Text to Linear B (see MichaelVentris). He underscored the need to treat hyphenated strings as single words. Glenn Kissinger (Colorado) sent a fine encouraging note.

Thanks to all of you for your kind support!

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