Some quips from a "Symposium on the Future" (held 26 February 1998, organized by comrade CD):

  • "Communication is human nature; knowledge-sharing is human nurture." (BB, quoting Alison Tucker)
  • "I actually believe that information gains value when we give it away." (EB)
  • "We have a spectacular tool for looking into the future. It's called history." (BF)
  • "The world is changing, and the notion of closed proprietary systems coming up with the right answer isn't going to work any more." (EB)
  • "The real state-of-the-art is people .... We are the most sophisticated technology in the world today." (BF)
  • "Let everyone be CEO!" (BB)
  • "Keep the meaning moving! How quickly can you figure out what something means, and how quickly can you get that to the people who need to know?" (EB)
  • "An individual without information cannot take responsibility. An individual who is given information cannot help but take responsibility." (BB, quoting Jan Carlson)
  • "Do you design systems to prevent the 0.1% [of employees] who will do something wrong, or to help the 99.9% who will do the right thing? ... When you give people freedom to do things, it seems that they do the right stuff." (BB)
  • "The answer to most important questions is 'Both'!" (EB)

(see ^zhurnal BuckMantras (13 April 2001))

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