Good Life

^z 15th January 2023 at 6:45am

From podcast-interview "Key Insights from the Longest Study on Happiness", a conversation with Dr Robert Waldinger, director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, co-author of the just-published The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness, some thoughtful quotes:

  • ~10-12 minutes, re “Social Fitness” as a metaphor to physical fitness: “... If you’re able to find a partner, if you’re able to find friends, who are reliable, who are kind, who are stable, often that goes a long way …”
  • ~36 minutes: "... about 50% of our well-being is genetically determined, we're all born with a certain temperament, a certain set-point ... about 10% is our current life circumstances ... about 40% is under our control, is malleable ..."
  • ~39 minutes in: “... everybody needs somebody, everybody needs at least one solid relationship … we asked, 'Who could you call in the middle of the night if you were sick or scared?' … some people could list quite a number of people … some couldn’t list anybody … each person needs at least one person in their life who is their go-to person, who would have their back if they really needed help …”

... and emphasis on making friends, at work and elsewhere – and volunteering and helping others!

(podcast recommended by Dr Rayna – thank you!) - ^z - 2023-01-15