Gratefulation and Gratituding

^z 11th June 2023 at 6:17am

Quibble or nuance? Matters not! Gratefulness and gratitude – whether feelings, states, responses, attitudes, or aspirations – seem worth cultivating. "Comments on Thanks" is an experiment in gratitude journaling – a place to toss thoughts and celebrate ideas, joys, things, toys, whatever. At the moment it begins (thanks to "DDR", a friend who asks wonderful questions):

  • friends who ask wonderful questions
  • reading glasses
  • instant coffee
  • soup on a chilly day
  • math
  • smiling at a stranger and connecting

... and includes allusive in-jokes ("emoji 🥀 that 📚 can 🌊 be 🐳 used 🐇 to ✨ convey 🌷 multiple 🎵 meanings 🎶 among ➿ friends 🐙") and word-play patterns such as:

  • bread
  • breath
  • breadth

... and much more such silliness! Feel free to add to it, within the bounds of polite discourse of course. The purpose, like a religious "Ejaculatory Prayer", is to focus the mind and lift the heart toward the Good.

(cf Happiness Buffer (2013-12-22), Good Manners and Taiji (2013-04-03), Beautiful Beyond Description (2014-11-19), You Are a Poem (2020-02-10), The World According to Mister Rogers (2020-03-13), OM - Gratitude, ...) - ^z - 2021-11-11