How to Navigate the Awareness Matrix

^z 8th June 2023 at 6:09pm

What's this all about?


Briefly, it's a tiny reminder – a patchwork-pattern quilt – columns to categorize three major dimensions of awakening. From the busy executive summary "Mantra - Mindfulness, Nonattachment, Oneness":

  • Mindfulness — non-judgmental awareness, direct moment-by-moment attention to the Now and Here ...
  • Nonattachment — letting go of externals and internals and the I/me/mine ...
  • Oneness — no barriers, no divisions, just This ...

The "Awareness Matrix" is like a cave.* There are countless ways to explore it. Consider, perhaps, slightly mystically:

  • pick a random cell for "Today's Word" every morning, and gently hold it in your heart as you live that day
  • move systematically across the rows and columns of the grid every month (e.g., "Oneness" on the 1st, "Nonattachment" on the 2nd, ...), considering in turn the themes
  • sit quietly and breathe through the array, inhaling and exhaling while thinking about each term in turn, letting its meaning settle into your soul
  • choose a word and write a personal phrase about it – maybe a micro-poem, a silly pseudo-haiku, or an aspiration-image that carries meaning for you – then save what you wrote, or share it with a dear friend who needs help, or throw it away!

... or try something completely different! – and if it works for you, please drop a note to z@his.comthank you!

* see the Richard Wilbur poem "Mind" ...