Longevity List

^z 17th September 2023 at 7:57am

Obvious and important: observations in the article "4 things the world’s longest-living people—residents of ‘Blue Zones’ like Okinawa and Sardinia—do to stay healthy and happy" by Renée Onque (CNBC, 2023-09-16), citing Dan Buettner:

  • Exercise — "They move naturally." — walking, gardening, and other frequent, low-intensity physical activities
  • Optimism — "They have a positive outlook on life." — often via faith, purpose, or a "true calling"
  • Diet — "They eat wisely." — in moderate amounts, of mostly plant-based foods
  • Relationships — "They value connection." — with family, friends, community

... not a lot of rocket science, and not bad ideas to practice!

(cf Bennett on Life (2000-03-19), Life Time Management 1 (2001-06-13), Old Age (2007-05-22), Old Age Hardening (2012-06-07), Ikigai (2020-07-18), Awe Walk (2020-10-04), ...) - ^z - 2023-09-17