Mirroring Each Other

^z 18th September 2023 at 6:56am

Reflections on oneness, in Chapter 9 ("Breaking the Skin Born of Mother") of No Beginning, No End by Jakusho Kwong:

... Your intention to help others is the main cause of your own salvation. People suffer because they are always thinking of themselves and remain caught in their own problems. Dharma practice means forgetting your problems through helping others. ...

and a bit later:

... mirroring each other is one of the most intimate things we have to offer. If you're sad, I feel sad. If you're happy, I feel very happy. If you're clear, I feel clear. If you're dull, I feel dull. This is the process of seeing things as it is, which is a phrase Suzuki-roshi often used. Because we're able to see things as it is, we are not attached to them. Things do come and go. Usually people grasp what they see and hold on to it. Through true practice we become less opinionated and less judgmental. Even though we have opinions, they're not so self-centered, and we see with the eye of compassion.

Nonjudgment plus oneness: 0 + 1. The chapter ends by explaining (if it can be explained!) what its title means:

The sentence "It means sitting and breaking the skin born of mother" may sound extraordinary. It tells us that through our zazen we come to realize we are not just this object, this child who came from our mother. To break the skin born of mother is to break your karma, your bondage, your delusion. It means that you break through this person born of your mother. Sometimes it is called being unborn. This is real knowing.

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