How to approach perfection — in life, in programming, in doing any job? Not by piling feature on top of feature, adding fixes to correct previous mistakes, building extensions upon extensions in a rococo nightmare ... but rather, by removing redundancies, cleaving off flaws, resolving conflicts; by unifying special cases and expressing them in terms of underlying general principles; by relentlessly pursuing simplicity of design while maintaining extensibility, openness to growth; by identifying fundamental sources of power and tapping them at their roots.

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In the book on computer game design, "The Art of Computer Game Programming" by Chris Crawford (check title please!), Crawford at one point expressed his disgust with programmers who started with a simple structure and started piling junk "(they call them features)" atop it. These 'mud heap' programmers confused complexity with originality, "intricacy with insight."

RadRob , Feb 18, 2002

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