From The Power of Ethical Management by Norman Vincent Peale and Kenneth Blanchard, five "principles of ethical power":

  • Purpose — I see myself as being an ethically sound person. I let my conscience be my guide. No matter what happens, I am always able to face the mirror, look myself straight in the eye, and feel good about myself.
  • Pride — I feel good about myself. I don't need the acceptance of other people to feel important. A balanced self-esteem keeps my ego and my desire to be accepted from influencing my decisions.
  • Patience — I believe that things will eventually work out well. I don't need everything to happen right now. I am at peace with what comes my way!
  • Persistence — I stick to my purpose, especially when it seems inconvenient to do so! My behavior is consistent with my intentions. As Churchill said, "Never! Never! Never! Never! Give up!"
  • Perspective — I take time to enter each day quietly in a mood of reflection. This helps me to get myself focused and allows me to listen to my inner self and see things more clearly.

(cf. OptimistCreed (16 Apr 1999), ...)

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