Retirement Mental Health Advice

^z 15th November 2023 at 10:52am

"4 habits to help you stay mentally sharp in retirement by Jenna Schnuer suggests:

  • "Stay–or get–connected" — beware social isolation, maintain and develop friendships, take classes, do volunteer work, etc
  • "Don't stop moving" — exercise, whatever types work for you, at least half an hour most days
  • "Send stress packing" — sex is excellent (the author lists it first!) to promote better brain chemistry; also valuable for destressing are sleeping neither too much nor too little, practicing yoga, and maintaining a budget to minimize money worries
  • "Find a new way to work" — seek meaningful employment, perhaps unpaid or part-time, or in a new field, or at a new place

... all in strong resonance with key points from a 2010 pre-retirement class, captured in Retirement Tips - 1, -2, -3, -4, and -5. And don't forget the prime goal to aim for, when looking back at Life:

"On the Big Stuff, I pretty much did OK"!

^z - 2023-05-25