Retirement Tips - 5

^z 25th May 2023 at 11:59am

Final section from notes I took in a pre-retirement class, October 2010 (see Retirement Tips - 1, Retirement Tips - 2, Retirement Tips - 3 and Retirement Tips - 4 for more thoughts):

  • "You should never leave home without your resume!"
  • 70% of jobs are never advertised; they're filled by referrals
  • being recommended for an interview by a current employee raises your chances by 50% or more
  • network: make a list of people you know and where they work, alert them to your availability, and ask them about opportunities
  • interview: arrive on time, prepared (do background research on the company and job), well-dressed, and with questions ready for the interviewer
  • plan ahead on how to close the interview, and follow up with a thank-you note
  • during a job interview, take notes (but minimally), understand the questions and answer them, be an active listener, and tell your background in a brief but informative way (make 5-7 key points)
  • to negotiate salary: research the company, don't raise the issue of salary first, get the interviewer to review and discuss the total compensation package, and if asked avoid naming a specific number — say "Most important is a good fit with the company and ability to add value to the organization" and "What am I worth to you?"; and ask about current compensation for others in similar positions, signing bonuses, vacation, the possibility of opting out of health insurance, the value of other benefits, etc.
  • a résumé should be two pages, include contact information, cover the past ten years, and have a "So What?!" list of your accomplishments

^z - 2012-05-19