Some notable quotes overheard during the past fortnight:

  • "I have only one goal: to suffice." (JD)
  • "This is a dumbed-down version of Windows NT — even dumber than regular NT." (RC)
  • "You're saying that it's more important to participate than to be right?" (^z)
  • "Be attentive to those who seek the truth; be wary of those who claim to have found it." (JC, quoting another)
  • "Far be it from me to be paranoid!" (BW)
  • "There's no good cop in this case — just a bad cop and a badder cop." (TF)
  • "We're pumping out the septic tank of knowledge." (BW)
  • "You never know the weight of inertia." (JD)
  • "A proof is that which convinces a reasonable man; a rigorous proof is that which convinces an unreasonable man." (JC, quoting another re mathematics)
  • "He's a weapon of mass destruction all by himself!" (TF)
  • "I rest your case." (JH)
  • "I come from [that outfit] and I can tell you, Earth is really quite different." (BB)
  • "Listening to you all talk is like having good sex in the mind." (LJR)

Saturday, August 05, 2000 at 19:32:48 (EDT) = 2000-08-05

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