Deep gratitude to individuals for their generous gifts:

  • From J. R. R. Tolkien — beauty, brilliance, and caution united with deep modesty;
  • From Carlton Morris Caves, Eugene Szedenits Jr., Yekta Gürsel, Cosmas Kyriakolis Zachos, Viktor Akylas, and other fellow students — frugality, humor, and disrespect for authority where disrespect is due;
  • From Daniel Dennett, philosopher — guideposts for exploration of root issues in mind and meaning;
  • From Chester Schuler, analyst and physicist — perspective, a long-term view, and hints on how to overcome artificial barriers to progress toward ultimate goals;
  • From Marcus Aurelius, Henry Hazlitt, and Arnold Bennett, Stoics — critical introspection and conscious selflessness.

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