Funny coincidence: while cleaning the cellar and boxing old books a few days ago, my wife handed me an abridged Pepys' Diary. I opened it at random — the entry dated 31 December 1664 — and my eye fell upon:

... I bless God I never have been in so good plight as to my health. But I am at a great losse to know whether it be my hare's foote, or taking every morning of a pill of turpentine, or my having left off the wearing of a gowne. This Christmas I judged it fit to look over all my papers and books; and to tear all that I found either boyish or not to be worth keeping, or fit to be seen, if it should please God to take me away suddenly. ...

So, 337 years ago, Samuel Pepys was working on clearing out his clutter too! (^_^)

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