Tough-Minded Optimists

^z 18th September 2023 at 6:46am

Kind correspondent Lila Das Gupta clearly knows how much I like (1) lists, (2) self-improvement homilies, and (3) optimism; she recently offered these "Twelve Characteristics of Tough-Minded Optimists" (from Alan Loy McGinnis' The Power of Optimism):

  • Optimists are seldom surprised by trouble.
  • Optimists look for partial solutions.
  • Optimists believe they have control over their futures.
  • Optimists allow for regular renewal.
  • Optimists interrupt their negative train of thought.
  • Optimists heighten their powers of appreciation.
  • Optimists use their imagination to rehearse success.
  • Optimists are cheerful even when they can't be happy.
  • Optimists believe they have an almost unlimited capacity for stretching.
  • Optimists build lots of love into their lives.
  • Optimists like to swap good news.
  • Optimists accept what cannot be changed.

... and Lila points out that these also work for marathon runners!

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