Various Virtues

^z 24th August 2023 at 2:51pm

For further thought, adding to the lists of Franklin's Virtues (2008-05-23) and Epistemic Virtues (2018-06-05), from Wikipedia's "Cardinal Virtues":

  • Prudence: the ability to discern the appropriate course of action to be taken in a given situation at the appropriate time, with consideration of potential consequences
  • Justice: also considered as fairness
  • Fortitude: also termed courage, forbearance, strength, endurance, and the ability to confront fear, uncertainty, and intimidation
  • Temperance: also known as restraint, the practice of self-control, abstention, discretion, and moderation tempering the appetition

... plus three "Theological Virtues":

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Love (or Charity)

And from a description of Martin Seligman's taxonomy:

  • Wisdom
    • Creativity: Thinking of new ways to do things
    • Curiosity: Taking an interest in a wide variety of topics
    • Open-mindedness: Examining things from all sides; thinking things through
    • Love of learning: Mastering new topics, skills, and bodies of research
    • Perspective: Being able to provide wise counsel to others; looking at the world in a way that makes sense
  • Courage
    • Honesty: Speaking the truth; being authentic and genuine
    • Bravery: Embracing challenges, difficulties, or pain; not shrinking from threat
    • Persistence: Finishing things once they are started
    • Zest: Approaching all things in life with energy and excitement
  • Humanity
    • Kindness: Doing favors and good deeds
    • Love: Valuing close relations with others
    • Social intelligence: Being aware of other people's motives and feelings
  • Justice
    • Fairness: Treating all people the same
    • Leadership: Organizing group activities and making sure they happen
    • Teamwork: Working well with others as a group or a team
  • Temperance
    • Forgiveness: Forgiving others who have wronged them
    • Modesty: Letting one's successes and accomplishments stand on their own
    • Prudence: Avoiding doing things they might regret; making good choices
    • Self-regulation: Being disciplined; controlling one's appetites and emotions
  • Transcendence
    • Appreciation of beauty: Noticing and appreciating beauty and excellence in everything
    • Gratitude: Being thankful for the good things; taking time to express thanks
    • Hope: Expecting the best; working to make it happen; believing good things are possible
    • Humor: Making other people smile or laugh; enjoying jokes
    • Religiousness: Having a solid belief about a higher purpose and meaning of life

... lots of words, in lots of categories – but is there systematic way to organize the Good? And how about balancing the trade-offs when multiple Good goals clash?

(cf Ethical Fitness (2000-12-15), ...) - ^z - 2023-08-24