Veil of Separation


Near the end of Chapter 9 ("Widening the Circles of Compassion") of Tara Brach's Radical Acceptance:

If we ask ourselves when meeting anyone—friend or stranger—"How can I be more kind?" inevitably we will recognize that every being needs to be listened to, loved, and understood. While we might become aware of this first with those in our immediate circle, it is possible to pay attention and care for all living beings. The more fully we offer our attention, the more deeply we realize that what matters most in life is being kind. As we open to the vulnerability of others, the veil of separation falls away, and our natural response is to reach out a helping hand.

(cf. Zen, Words, and the World (2012-01-03), Ground of Being (2013-10-03), Saying Yes to Life (2014-07-08), It is Thou (2014-09-24), ...) - ^z - 2015-10-14