Weekend Bridge


Howard Rheingold's 1988 book They Have a Word for It is out of print and has long ago been lost in the chaotic mess of the local environment (if it still is here somewhere), but some of the idiomatic phrases in it remain in memory and occasional household use. One example: "building a bridge", to describe the plausible engineering of a lengthy vacation from a mid-week holiday. The current Wikipedia article on that theme, "Long Weekend", lacks Rheingold's loving description of the creative process. A Thursday holiday only requires slight advance preparation on Wednesday ("I feel a cold coming on ...") to make a Friday call-in-sick seem innocent. To "build a bridge" from a Wednesday (or even Tuesday) holiday to the following weekend, however, takes genuine artistry on preceding days. Master craftsmen who feign illness well enough to overcome the boss's suspicions are, according to Rheingold, called in Italian pontisti, aka bridge-builders.

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