Back on 9 May 2000 I wrote about a GNU Emacs-based experiment (of the early 1990's) in personal note-taking and mind-expansion ... a way for individuals and groups to gather and cross-link and organize information more effectively ... a fast, flexible, and friendly hypertext authoring system. It seemed (and seems) to me that three key requirements for such a tool are:

  • a solid foundation, anchored to the bedrock of real human need and experience
  • a high extensibility, allowing rapid evolution in unpredictable directions
  • a culture of collaboration, encouraging creative synergy among users and developers

I concluded:

A footnote: I still need a good hypertext authoring system. Surely one must exist by now — powerful, open, flexible, and productive. Any suggestions?

Wanna guess what I think an answer is? (not the answer, of course — there is no one right answer)

Hint: its name is an anagram for "kiwi" ...

(see ParaMode and WikiWikiWeb)

TopicProgramming - 2001-10-31

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