2004-08-04 - Eight Eight-Eighties

6+ miles, 70 minutes --- it's already somewhat warm and humid this morning, so instead of a trail jog I try "speedwork" exactly as on 3 July (see RoundAndRounder). Across the street from the graveyard where Emily Dickinson is buried the Amherst High School has a fancy track with an enjoyably resilient bumpy brown surface. The sun peeks through hazy clouds along the straightaway to the finish line, as a few other joggers circle with me and hammering sounds from local construction echo across the open fields. The average time for my 8 half-mile intervals is 3:55 (min 3:47, max 3:59). Between each I drink and walk a lap (~4 minutes) to recover. A small blister develops on the second toe of my left foot --- ouch!

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