2006-01-22 - C and O Canal (to Lock 6)

10 miles @ ~12:00 min/mi

At 9:30am Ken & I meet at Lock 6 of the C&O Canal and I fire up my GPS to gather waypoints of the markers along the first five miles of the towpath. We jog slowly (I'm not feeling frisky after yesterday's speedwork!) toward the rising sun and enjoy ourselves in the cool (upper 30's) air, with pauses to photograph mileposts and capture their coordinates. Bottoms-up ducks dabble in the water as we pass. At the Georgetown end of the canal we walk to the Thompson Boat Center and head back along the Potomac waterfront, returning to the C&O towpath via stairs near the endpoint of the Capital Crescent Trail. I attempt to photograph some gulls perched on the railing by the river but have limited success. Our average pace during the running segments is probably ~11:30.