2007-05-28 - Sue and Connie's Run

4 miles @ 10:24 min/mi

Christina and I are running together and wilting in the high humidity. But when she reminds me that I can eat ice cream again if I finish under 45 minutes, the thought so energizes me that I commence a finish-line kick with almost 1.5 miles remaining. (Chris orders me to proceed without her, and threatens that if I look back she will stop running. I obey.) A self-baptism via a cup of frigid water at the aid station accelerates my pace, as evidenced by mile splits 10:13 + 11:37 + 10:17 + 9:22. During the uphill home stretch I shamelessly pass an 8-year-old and finish 19th of 20 in my age/sex group. That's about the median for the 65-69 year-olds, but far behind the only gentleman in his 70's. Today's MCRRC Memorial Day race is held in honor of Sue Wen Stottmeister and Connie Barton. A table at the start holds photos of several who have passed away and should be remembered. (cf. SueWenRun, 29 May 2002)