2007-09-01 - Half Marathon Practice

~13.1 miles @ ~17.2 min/mi

Normally I don't log my walks, but as the longest trek in my experience (not counting walk-breaks and involuntary breakdowns during marathons and ultras!) this one deserves an entry. Christina Caravoulias and I meet in Bethesda at 5:45am, leave one car near the finish area of the Parks Half Marathon route, and drive in the other vehicle to Rockville, where we park and walk to the starting line. The Parks Half Marathon is coming in two weeks, and today is a low-impact component of Christina's preparation. As the sun rises we walk briskly the first ~2 miles down Veirs Mill Rd., then proceed downstream on Rock Creek Trail for ~8.8 miles where we branch to join the Capital Crescent Trail back to Bethesda. A training group jogging the course passes us, as do numerous random runners and cyclists. After 3 hours 46 minutes we're back where we began. Walking, even fast walking, seems to have much less impact on the legs than does running, even slow running.

(cf. Jog Log for running journal)

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