2007-12-09 - DCRRC Bread Run

2 miles @ ~11 min/mi & 6+ miles @ ~13 min/mi

Friend Christina Caravoulias recruits me to accompany her this Sunday morning in an old event that's new to me. Bob Thurston and Delabian Rice-Thurston of the DC Road Runners have for many years directed a "bread run": bring a loaf of homemade bread and the race is free. How can I resist? On Saturday I dust off the bread machine and produce a couple of loaves. The better one is my donation.

It's a cool, damp day when we arrive at Glen Echo Park. Before the 10k official event there's a 2 mile fun run which Chris suggests doing as a warmup; we return from the out-and-back course just in time for the start of the 10k main event. That course is a nice loop which includes a pretty stretch of C&O Canal towpath. Chris and I slow down to enjoy it and finish almost last. Afterwards winners get their prizes — bread — and then names are drawn at random to give away the rest of the food. I go home with two loaves, one for myself plus one that Christina gives to me. Tnx!