2008-08-21 - Wye Island

10+ miles @ ~11 min/mi

At 5am hunter Orion strides up the sky with dog-star Sirius following him ahead of the dawn. Shadowy silhouettes of black angus cows lurk on the other side of the fence. A gibbous moon floats high in the southwest. Laughter ripples across the water from a small boat of fishermen as I trot across the bridge onto the island. Fog floats low above corn fields. I cruise along the main road to its end, taking GPS waypoints at signposts in the Wye Island Natural Resources Management Area. Side trails bear rustic names: Osage, Schoolhouse Woods, West Corner, Holly Tree. The sun rises. During my return trip a pickup truck with a big dog standing in the front seat stirs up dust as it approaches. Then it's time to shower and get back to the conference/offsite/class.

(cf. Jog Log for the last 10 entries in the running logbook) - ^z - 2008-09-01

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