2008-10-08 - Butter and Eggs

4+ miles @ ~12 min/mi

Four days after Andiamo and I feel the urge to blow the dust out the pipes. We need eggs and butter; the coöp is a couple of miles away; what to do but jog to market? I follow neighborhood roads Sharon, Hale, Linden, and Warren to Brookville, where on a whim I cut through the back of the industrial park onto local lanes that zig-zag along the eastern side of the train tracks. Signs say that the little one-lane wooden bridge at Talbot St is closed, but a jogger whom I ask says that it's ok for runners, just not cars. I take it to cross the railroad line and meander back to Grubb Rd, spend 5 minutes at the store picking up the two items I sought, and then take the more-conventional streets back homeward. A light drizzle starts and the parking lot at the synagogue is full—it's Yom Kippur. I have much to atone for, as my twinging left metatarsals and right hip remind me.

^z - 2008-10-11

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