2009-03-25 - No Exit

~3.5 miles @ ~10 min/mi

"This is not a pedestrian entrance, Sir!" I'm told as I try to jog out from the office complex toward the river. So I head around the parking lot and take the hilly little 1.1+ mile trail. I do a couple of laps around it, trying to go slowly, but competitive juices soon flow. I pass a red-haired lady who's wearing a long black coat and walking briskly, and wonder at what point along the loop I'll catch up with her again? Mile 1 takes 9:20. Then I accelerate and mile 2 is 8:21. I pass the walker in the inter-mile segment at the end. My baggy black shirt flaps around me. Two crows caw and fly up from the ground to perch in a tree. I wave my arms and caw back. They flee farther away from my giant were-crow apparition.

^z - 2009-04-04