2009-04-09 - WOD Reston to Dunn Loring Metro

8+ miles @ ~10 min/mi

Class finishes in Reston at 4pm and the nearby W&OD Trail calls me to strip office clothes and don running gear. A Snickers bar, hard candies, and a bottle of tea-lemonade custom zelectrolyte fuels the journey. From where I join the trail just beyond milepost 16.5 the trot to Gallows Rd in Dunn Loring is uneventful, except for a search for bushes when nature calls. The sidewalk by the busy street takes me to the Metro station. Cyclists dominate at first, a mix of spandex-clad speedsters and families crusing past, but more walkers and joggers appear as I get to Vienna. Mile splits begin too fast on this warm day: 9:12 + 9:31 + 9:47 + 9:40 + 9:54 + 9:28 + 9:37. I tag the post outside the train station and stop my watch at 84 minutes. On the subway I'm sweaty and have a seat to myself most of the way home.

^z - 2009-04-20