2009-06-30 - Evening Speedwork

~3 miles @ ~9.4 min/mi

As the sun sets the track at the neighborhood middle school is thick with walkers, kids on bikes with training wheels, and errant soccer balls escaping from games on the infield. I have to circle the block to find a parking space. But my Speed Coach, Evan, has prescribed a regime for me, and strive I must to perform it. So I jog a mile in 8:38, walk a few seconds to recover, then commence a series of 8 repeats of 1/8th mile at ~43 seconds each, plus or minus two seconds. Between each half-lap I walk half a lap to recover, at an average of 1:50 each. I swerve to avoid pairs of iPod-listening ladies strolling together in lanes 1 and 2, veer around a fellow walking his Yorkshire terrier in lane 1, and swing out during my walks so that joggers can trot past me. Clouds thicken and rain begins as I drive home.

^z - 2009-07-10