2009-07-18 - Austin Town Lake Loop

~10 miles @ ~10 min/mi


Just as we did three years ago, my brother Keith picks me up at our Mother's home and takes me to the MoPac Expressway end of the Town Lake trail in Austin Texas for a morning run. He lends me his GPS to carry. We start at 7:10am and trot together for the first ~1.5 miles, at which point he turns back to get his bicycle and do a long ride while I continue along the northern shore of the lake. It's warm and humid, with large numbers of runners on the western end of the course, fewer to the east of I-35. A friendly young fellow helps me follow the tricky path around the ballfields and the power plant to Longhorn Dam, then runs on ahead. He greets me again when I make it back to the car, since coincidentally he has parked right behind us. My pace this year is ~1.5 min/mi faster than it was in 2006.

(GPS trackfile map courtesy Keith Zimmermann) - ^z - 2009-07-28