2009-08-16 - Kabrena Rodda

9+ miles @ ~11.6 min/mi

Stretching is sometimes scary to witness, especially if your body is as creaky as mine. I arrive at Fletchers Boathouse about 0630 and Dr. Col. Kabrena Rodda is already there, loosening up pre-run by twisting and flexing like a pretzel in dimensions that make me flinch. (I resolve to practice yoga!) As happened last summer, Kabrena is in the area for meetings—this is our chance to visit and chat. We take the Capital Crescent Trail uphill to Bethesda, encountering herds of runners in training for fall marathons. A pair of deer stroll across the path in front of us; sunbeams pierce the mist between the trees during our return trip. Kabrena is acclimated to hot-and-humid San Antonio weather, so this morning is relatively cool and dry for her. Ken Swab & CM Manlandro & CM's friend Sarah meet us twice as they run the opposite out-and-back.

(cf. 2008-06-07 - Kabrena Comes to Town, ...) - ^z - 2009-08-23