2009-08-29 - Hot Speedwork

~2 miles @ ~10 min/mi

Under an early afternoon sun today Robin and I venture to the local middle school track for some laps. I warm up with a slow quarter mile, then commence 200 meter repeats: eight of them at an average of 44 seconds each, with a 1:50 recovery walk back to my starting point between each. It's a near-recap of 2009-06-30 - Evening Speedwork, but this time with a heart-rate monitor I can report that my average pulse during the fast segments is 146-156 with a peak of 181. The machine claims I burn 273 calories. I immediately go to the Chinese restaurant and get a carry-out vegetarian egg foo yung with greasy fried rice, to neutralize any potential progress on that front!

^z - 2009-09-08