2009-12-16 - One Deer, Two Deer, Run Deer, New Deer

~4 miles @ ~9 min/mi

Tired-feeling legs for the journey out to the jogging path, but when a big doe startles me just past the three-quarters mile mark of my first circuit I feel suddenly energized. The next time around I'm looking for her, and I see two deer there. Will there be three on my final lap? Yes! A medium-sized fawn is now eyeing the crazy runner in shorts and gloves as he attempts to accelerate his pace. Miles by the painted lines are 9:51, 8:50, and a startling 7:26. Only one other person is out in this upper-30s weather, skin of ice remaining on puddles, fallen pine cones littering the asphalt.

^z - 2009-12-19