2009 Summer-Fall Tentative Race Calendar

One dear friend-by-correspondence has kindly told me that my interminable running reports here are not her cup of tea. Point taken! I can't promise much visible change, but I've been trying to use the Running Logbook mechanism as a vehicle to practice my writing, and I'll strive to do better. Meanwhile, as a speaker at a recent meeting said, "If you're ever bored—more bored than you are now, that is— ...".

So, for my own reference and convenience and memory, here's a tentative list of upcoming events that I hope to participate in. (note: "Result" column with links added afterwards)

Date Race Result
Jul 10Midsummer Night's Mile track meet 6:32
Jul 26Riley's Rumble half marathon 1:55:33
Aug 1Catoctin 50k trail run 7:53
Aug 7Going Green Track Meet 2 miles 13:42
Aug 15Comus Run cross-country 5k 40:07
Sep 5-6The Ring Massanutten Trail, 71 miles 8:26 (~25 miles)
Sep 13Parks Half Marathon2:40:09
Sep 19Gunpowder Falls 50k2:25 (~10 miles)
Sep 20Bachman Valley Half Marathon2:58
Sep 26Lake Needwood cross-country 10k (not run)
Oct 10Andiamo W&OD Trail 44.5 miles 7:56
Nov 1Potomac Heritage 50k8:27
Nov 28Northern Central Trail Marathon4:01:06
Dec 12Magnus Gluteus Maximus - Bull Run Trail ~7:25 (~27 miles)

Criteria for inclusion on the above include:

In other words, if possible I try to support events that cross delightful terrain, that cost less than $1/mile, and that friends of mine are involved in as organizers or participants. What other upcoming runs have I forgotten?

^z - 2009-07-03

P.S. when a friend of a friend got Lyme Disease and had to drop from the Marine Corps Marathon I took the entry she kindly offered, and finished the Oct 25 race in 4:25:30.